Expense Account

TIMETRACKER allows you to manage your expense accounts with ease. A complete system of management of the expenses of your employees.

Manage expenses accounts with ease. The TIMETRACKER solution for your expenses management contains all functions necessary for an absolute control.

TIMETRACKER is an expense management tool that allows you to keep control of your spending. The system is not limited to a single online input data, but integrates all the processes of administration and analysis.

The module is integrated into the security system of TIMETRACKER allowing you to define roles and assign them to employees. These roles define access rights to the different sections of the system. Alternatively, you can define if emails and notifications will be sent to the consenter and the employees, informing them of the actions to be taken or adopted.

You can associate your expenses to your projects and/or tasks. The association will allow you to analyze the cost of your projects and tasks. You can also analyze your expenses by project, by category of project and by category of task.

With TIMETRACKER expense account, you can...

  • Enter the expense and associate it with your projects and tasks
  • Identify the type of expenditure (costs km, postage, travel etc.)
  • Send your expenses for approval
  • Send your expenses for approval
  • Set a scale of expense and associate it with your employees
  • Set daily, weekly and monthly budgets by type of expenditure
  • Define the type of reimbursement by type of expenditure
  • Send emails and notifications automatically (configurable)
  • Identify another currency for the expense and allow automatic conversion to the currency of the company
  • Include a level of approval of reimbursement
  • Analyze and print your expenses