Analysis and Reports

Comprehensive reports and analysis module that give you a clear and precise view of the health of your company.

A good management and actions plan is based on the information available. TIMETRACKER projects gives you access to all information allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time.

TIMETRACKER is designed specifically to give you access to your company's important information. Our reporting and analysis systems puts at your disposal simplified and detailed reports, easy to understand and with a professional presentation. Reports are easy to access.

With TIMETRACKER Analysis and Reports you can ...

  • Have access to all TIMETRACKER information
  • Choose from a variety of reports
  • Access to various diagrams and analyses
  • Choose criteria that will allow you to refine your information
  • Export your reports in the following formats: PDF, Excel, Word, Web archive, TIFF, XPS and RTF
  • Preview and print your reports