4.99 $ / user / month

9.99 $ / month   Billing (if activated)

9.99 $ / month    Expenses (if activated)

The Company TIMETRACKER account is the full version. It gives you access to all the functions of the system. There is no contract required.

Account details
Active projects allowed Unlimited
Register cost Free
Active period No limit
File space 3 GB
Projects management
Active projects overview
Projects archive
Calendar overview
Project Reports
Project notes management
Project categories
Project expenses
Tasks management
Active tasks overview
Tasks Archive
Calendar overview
Task notes management
Tasks categories
Tasks reports
Time management
Personal activity addition
Activities approval module
Employees activities administrative overview
Projects activities administrative overview
Tasks activities administrative overview
Cell phone access
Administrative reports
Personal reports
Time bank management
Time bank - sick leave
Time bank - vacation
Time bank - overtime
Configuration of conditions and parameters
Time transfer between banks
Integration with timesheets
Reports and export
Employees/Contacts management
Employees management (adding, editing & deleting)
Contacts management (adding, editing & deleting)
Employees/contacts notes
Employees activities follow-up
Employees communication system
Management Expense Accounts 9.99 $ / month
Expense management (addition, modification, destruction)
Expense type management (addition, modification, destruction)
Scales of expenses management (Addition, modification, destruction)
Expenditure approval process
Payment approval process
Expense for other currency and automatic conversion
Sends automatic e-mail and notification
Access from your mobile
Full analysis module and reports
Document Management
Assign documents to your projects
Send documents by email
Print documents
Advanced content search
Invoices management 9.99 $ / month
Invoices follow-up module
Invoices archive
Invoices configuration
Invoices report
Invoices exporting
Communication management
Notifications module
Emails module
Notes module
Reports management
Projects reports
Project specific report
Tasks reports
Task specific report
Employees reports
Contacts reports
Activities reports
Invoices reports
Project categories editor
Task categories editor
Project templates editor
Notifications setup
Emails setup
Date format
Currency options
Invoice configuration