Employees and Contacts

TIMETRACKER allows you to manage all your employees and your contacts. Our roles system allows you to restrict permissions to distinct actions of the system.

Your employees are your main resource. Good management is a necessity for a healthy enterprise. Our system will give you access to all your important information, allowing you to monitor and manage your employees and contacts.

TIMETRACKER allows you to manage all your employees in a simple and effective way. Our user-friendly interface is simple to use, giving you quick access to information. Our advanced search system allows you to get accurate information.

TIMETRACKER allows you to categorize your contacts. This will allow you to identify your customers, either a contact or a company. Our directory is designed to facilitate access to contacts.

You will have access to all the activities associated with your employees and your customers. You can also add notes that will allow you to keep a practical history.

With TIMETRACKER Employees and Contacts you can ...

  • Register as many employees as you want
  • Access to all the information needed for good management of employees and contacts
  • Categorize your contacts, as employees or customers
  • Register clients that could be a contact or a company
  • Add notes for good follow-up
  • View all activities associated with the contact
  • Produce reports that can be exported in the most common formats
  • View the status of licenses associated with contacts
  • Associate the permissions you want for each of the contacts according to your needs
  • Create as many roles as you deem necessary